V = Veterans…

Considering Veterans Day is this coming Friday the timing is perfect to start a new Knit & Crochet project.

So, my Stitch & Bitch has decided to take on a new mission this year for our local Veterans… “Valuing Our Veterans” – “we love our Vets, today & always” in time for Valentine’s Day 2012. This may sound far off but it takes time planning and implementing. We’ll be Crocheting & Knitted hat & scarf sets for Vets of our local American Legion.

I need to get busy securing sponsors!! A tremendous Thank you out to Tom @ our local Panera Cafe for pledging $100!! He has always been so supportive of our charities.

We hope to buy both washable wool yarn (can be pricey!) as well as more affordable acrylic brands like good old Red Heart, etc.! I’m far from a yarn snob as most of my charity projects are made with Red Heart and Lion’s brand yarn. I find these yarns hold up very well for items like hats. We also have to consider the fact that some people have allergies to wool.

So, in addition to all the holiday planning I need to do I’m excited to have a new mission.

If anyone knows of someone looking to donate yarn please message me…we’d be thrilled to be the recipients!!

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