Unexpected finds…

I was looking for something in the electronics section @ Wally World when I bumped into an aisle full of Christmas clearance goods, every 75% off!! I’m not looking to add more stuff into the limited space I have at home but edible goods are easily used. It always happens…me & my friend were glancing around which attracted another customer to join us in our search for good deals. She yells out “oh, here’s a large thing of Miracle Whip for a buck!!!” I looked and said, “nah, I don’t use that!” (later I realized I could have snagged it for the ladies shelter!) Alongside Xmas cards there were tons of boxed meals, Holiday herbs Teas & these: Pumpkin bread kits for $1 each….yay! They make 2 loaves. I just made it adding walnuts & fresh dates. I don’t add the suggested 4 eggs, 2 worked fine. Also substituted 1 16 oz jar of unsweetened apple sauce for the oil. Sometimes I add Craisins. 🙂

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