Season of Hope

BotanicalsSpring, a season of nature’s beauty, renewal and hope. It’s a reminder that life = constant change. All things grow …and come to pass.

Although I feel devastated these days, since my mom’s diagnosis of stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. I know it too will all pass. A phrase my mom has always used “this too shall pass”. Embrace the day(s) and the moment is what I remind myself throughout the day.

On this first day of Spring I have to have Faith that my mom’s end days will be peaceful. Not the pain filled hours that my mind creates and often obsesses about. 😦 I force myself to engage with the world (even though I feel like retreating). Life is good, God is good.

I’m blessed with a husband who provides enormous love and support during my emotional lows. I have friends who care. They know that I am likely to burst into tears at any given moment, and that’s OK. I walk around with water-filled eyes, yet I still wear eyeliner!! I just need to carry a box of Puffs tissues with me! I have received cards of support and it feels like a huge hug jumping out from the card. I am so very grateful.

As life happens, it turns out that a dear friend just lost her mom a few weeks ago. Naturally, she is grieving – “we will get through this” she said. Yes, we will, I replied.

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