SpOOKy true story

Most everyone has a story (or two) on the SPOOKiest thing that has even happened to you.

I’ve had a few myself, this one comes to mind.

It was a crispy Fall morning and I was walking to work, then suddenly the wind just happened to blow a local newspaper under my feet…instead of just kicking it away and continue walking, I glanced down. OMG… the paper was opened to the obituaries (if that isn’t unusual enough) I was starring at the name of my long lost great uncle!! He had died just a week before, alone. Pretty sad. We were not sure how to find him while he was alive since he has no spouse or children. We had been trying to locate him too. Guess he wanted us to know. I no longer believe in coincidence.

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    1. Certainly is Karen! It amazes me how much I recognize this in the day to day of life.. #TheIllusionOfFreeChoice

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