Upstate NY….road trip

After 14 months of lockdown/pause etc… super grateful to be able to get away, for a bit….masks, Lysol wipes and spray packed we headed Upstate to the mountains & through small towns . If felt great going up the mountains…. it’s a wonderful experience. We did the ordinary… shopped and walked around. I went into what I thought was a separate Sephora store but it lead into a Mall…whoa, I didn’t expect that! Thankful that nearly everyone wore masks…we spent hours walking around, window shopping (I miss that!). The weather was comfortably warm, breezy and pleasant. Glad to be vaccinated but kept my mask on anytime indoors, or wherever peeps gathered. The Farmer’s Market had more food items than veggies/fruits…not surprising as it’s still early in the Season. A group called F.O.G (freakin old guys) played what I believe was folk/country music…cute. I appreciate the bursting blooms of colorful plants and hanging baskets. 🙂

It was fun…the new normal.

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