Happy New Year, 2022!!

Starting the New Year trying a new breakfast/brunch recipe for the Alexandria Casserole

After watching Paula Deen videos on holiday meals I decided to try (my very first time making a breakfast casserole). I like the idea of a one pot dish and know how to adapt it. I made it my style: dairy-free, meat-free and gluten-free. It is OUTRAGEOUSLY yum!!! Give it a try!

2 cups of homemade Cashew Ricotta cheese – recipe to follow soon

12 oz bag of Tater tots – enough potato to line the bottom of the casserole dish

2-3 Large Italian sausage – I used two Beyond Meat

3 Extra large eggs (I used the egg whites only) – the original recipe calls for 6-8 regular eggs

2 cups of Almond Milk ( or any plant based Milk)

1 cup of any Vegan shredded cheese

6 – 8 oz frozen Spinach (thawed)

2T dried Onion flakes

1-2 t Garlic powder/fresh (depending on your taste)

1.5 t Kosher Salt (or to taste)

Fresh Black pepper (to taste)

1. In the food processors add all of these ingredients: Ricotta mixture, thawed Spinach, 3 egg whites (or whole eggs if you prefer) Almond Milk, dried Onion flakes, Garlic (fresh/powdered) Salt & Pepper.

2. Sautee the Italian sausages in a pan on medium flame, break up the links and cook for a few minutes…the rest will cook when ready to bake.

3. Liberally spray the casserole dish – I used an 9×12 but could have easily done two smaller ones.

4. Line the bottom of the casserole dish with any brand of potatoes. I used tater tots… any variety/brand of potato, shredded/diced/sliced/fries would work as well.

5. Add a layer of the Italian sausage

6. Pour the Cashew mix over the top of the sausage

7. Scatter all of the shredded cheese and using a spatula smooth over to cover the entire mixture

8. Cover the casserole with Saran wrap and place in the refrigeraror overnight.

Bake at 350 degrees for one hour

Update: hubby says “it was worth the wait!”

I look forward to the day I could make this for a large Brunch, for friends…. I’m calling it the Alexandria Casserole.

Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!

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