Cherry Chip…

Mmm, it sounds ice cream and the stripes created resemble swirls of cherry and chocolate chips. I’m speaking of a new yarn , RHSS Cherry chip tat I’m using for hat & scarf set for the Valentines project for the Children’s hospital. I like, I like, I really like it!!


It’s a mild 40 degree temps… perfect weather to attend the ball drop tonight…not NYC, here in White Plains. Fireworks and revelry…love it! The 242 million dollar mega millions drawing is tonight @ 11 p.m…I have my one ticket. If I don’t post for a few days… Happy New Year 2011!!

Christmas Eve

We’re celebrating this Christmas Eve with our favorite traditional Puerto Rican foods for dinner like: pasteles, arroz con gandules, avocado salad. I’ll also pick up my first donation from Panera for the ladies of the shelter…sweet!! Grace & Peace to all.