Hooking w/Lily Sugar’N Cream

I am loving crocheting my first Market String Tote bag!!! The pattern appears complicated and may not be written as well as I like but…

I like Lily cotton…it stitches easily and the vibrant colors look great. I will be ISO more deals on Lily. I bought these online at Herschnners for $1.99 ea. sale price.

I’m making this one for my sister (a surprise gift) and she doesn’t read this blog so I can post freely.

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High T w/friends…

Maybe not… but Shoprite ran a good sale on Entenmann’s, $1.99 and wanting to provide some old school sweet treats to a few friends for a causal get together prompted my purchasing both Marble cake & Crumb cake. Mmm, too good!

Served with a variety of the awesome Bigelow Tea: Chai Tea made for a nice treat with that little bit of spicy cinnamon. I also had bags of their Green Tea w/Lemon which IMHO is just the best tasting Green Tea ever (not bitter!!)
TheIR Peppermint is also a hit in my home which is equally good served iced or hot.


One of the newest members of the Stitch & Bitch is B, she is a feisty 88 y/o woman! Her attendant, Barbara wheeled B in a wheelchair and joined us at what once appeared to be a large table at Panera. Apparently, B was not only a Gold Star mom (her son was killed in Vietnam) but was a long time volunteer at a local VA Hospital as well as knitted & crocheted for decades. She will now be our Queen B!
Another Barbara also joined us wearing some of her knitted work. I love her fingerless gloves!!!

Just when I thought…

So I was on a roll entering my daily sweepstakes and I suddenly hear this unnerving
beep, beep, beep sound, startled, I jumped up and carefully inspected our fire and carbon monoxide detectors… it was not coming from either. My mind was certain there was going to be an explosion!! Just before going into sheer panic …I was on the verge!! I looked at my computer and guess what!? …yup, it was coming from the silly sweepstakes site I was entering!!! I usually mute my sound but I had been listening to u tube videos and forgot to mute it. Ay!!! I need peace and quiet now!!

Joshua 1:9

I love this scripture and repeat it during times like this. I’m preoccupied with the safety of my brother as he’s moving to New England and driving (with a hitch) on these snow filled and icy.

White Plains must have at least 12″ of the fluffy white snow…it looks like a wonderland! Thankfully, this city had the plows working since the snow started last night so the roads and sidewalks are clear.

Hooking & more hooking all w/e!

I’ve spent the entire year (all 2 days of it) crocheting. Our Stitch & Bitch of Westchester county is working on a Valentine’s day hat & scarf project which will benefit the Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, NY.

Thanks to our local Panera Cafe for offering a donation for yarn.  Our members are working independently to try to make 2 dozen sets in just a few weeks time!

We decided on mostly gender neutral colors as well as some red & pink …here’s what I’ve done so far.

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