TLC Christmas tote bags

Months in the making and I’m only days away from presenting the gift tote bags to the ladies of the emergency shelter. I am thrilled with the quality and festive pattern of the totes…I never can tell for sure when ordering online. I got them at Oriental Trading Company 🙂

So, in each tote there are two Ziploc bags, one containing toiletries ie. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, tissues, a crocheted scarf (by me!)  and a pair of socks. The other Ziploc bag has convenient food items ie: one microwave boxed meal, soup, nuts, individual serving cereal/instant Oatmeal, snacks, tea, instant coffee & hot cocoa mix and two cellophane treat bags of homemade Christmas goodies (cookies and peppermint bark).

I’m already thinking of all the possibilities for next year!

Handcrafted Holiday show

So, I should have been home baking all my Christmas goodies …instead, I took a bit of a detour on the way to he mall…such are the “hazards” living in a cool walkable city of White Plains. Anyway, the Handmade Holiday Exhibition show featured beautiful quality items from exceptional Artists of varied mediums. For all my yarnies the good news is  there was a beautiful crocheted sweater in autumnal colors of very soft almost feathery yarn priced at a mere $750!! Woot!! Other knitted and crocheted items like fingerless gloves & hats were for sale as well. It was a nice detour …then came the mall!

Can’t beat free!

Cool offer from All You magazine’s sample of the day:

One free Hass Avocado x 12/31:

Some people may not want to use coupons themselves but it’s a great way to help someone else even if you don’t need it….pay it forward! I’ve never had a person turn down a free coupon when I’m at the supermarket.

It’s a win!!

OK well, I didn’t win an i pad but… I did come in 2nd place for a $100 American Express card!!

I’m grateful and with my bogo, ecb and deals I will no doubt find a way to at least double the $100!

Dh is such a sweetie…he says “it’s ok, I’ll buy you an i pad!” I looked at him and said “honey, I don’t want an i pad!? I wanted to WIN the i pad…big difference! LOL He looked at me perplexed. I suppose the inner sweeper in me can get the upper hand sometimes…I like the chance at winning! Now, onto other contests!!

The Season of Giving

I’m touched by the many stories I’ve read online and seen on the evening news the ways other are giving this time of year. Whether it’s donated meals, shoes… it all matters. A restaurant in Harlem, Jacob’s offered free Thanksgiving meals to anyone who showed up …he said it was his way of giving back to his community. Fabulous!!

I’m busy crocheting (as quickly as possible) the remaining scarves for the ladies of the emergency shelter.  It’s not officially Winter but with temps now in the 30’s and 40’s here in NY the scarves will no doubt come in handy. I’m also trying to gather enough sample sized mostly toiletries items to make smaller gift bags to gift to the ladies for the holidays next month.


On this cool (45°) eve of Thanksgiving I am once again reminded of the many things I am thankful for…good health most important, the love and support of my hubby. I am grateful for the well-being of my parents and family and thankful for good friends near and far way.

We will enjoy dinner at a friend’s home tomorrow and making my sausage stuffing, cran-apple relish as we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I just decided I’ll also whip up a quick batch of my famous pumpkin bread but put it in muffin tins instead.

The sales are tempting on Thanksgiving evening itself but I’ll probably spend more time window shopping and walking to burn up calories!

Happy Thanksgiving!


On a recent trip accompanying my husband on a routine medical appointment (at the VA hospital) I engrossed myself in my  crochet project as I waited for him.  I’m working on squares and helping another stitcher who will assemble lap-gans that will be donated to seniors.

I was unaware of a couple who had arrived for an appointment until I heard a male voice  saying “are you making baby boots”. I looked up to see the smiling face of a man in his mid-late 80′s…he had smiley eyes and made it clear he wanted to chat. Next to him was his female companion…she looked about the same age as him. He offered a lot of light comedy lines mostly cracking himself up.  “I’m 87, I drove from Yonkers…27 miles it took me 27  minutes at 60 mph” lol.. here was an 87 y/o man driving that far without a second thought! He went on telling me “we’re both WWII Veterans I  served in the Navy and returned in coma, head wounds and on the verge of death”. It sounded like the the sad stories of our current returning troops. War is war – just the names of the wars change. Mr M’s face and tone turned sober, he said “you know when you hear the back fire of a car and jump because you get startled?” “Well, I have PTSD…my condition feels 100 times worst then that…you don’t get over that”. He bounced right back into his jokes until the nurse call him in.

I later found out they were not married although I’d made the foolish assumption they were. No… she told me in a tolerant tone “I have heard these same jokes and you know, I have to laugh each time. I cannot believe I’m almost 90…I’m the last of six siblings, I was the youngest  my sister died last month, it’s sad…I can’t believe it…where did the time go!? My husband died 19 years ago…he is waiting for me at St Raymond’s”. (cemetery) She sounded like she longed for him then added, I never remarried although I had a lot of boyfriends” as she laughed and winked at me.

I felt touched by this  casual meeting. As I walked away felt that our casual meeting was  no doubt a God sent blessing.


The last of the brilliant golden color maple leaves are falling off the large tree just outside our window. It’s a daily reminder that for everything there is a Season. I stood watching a squirrel risk life and limb as he ventured out to the edge of a thin branch…for what I wondered. I always place kind of nibble out there for them. This little guy was determined to get what Mother Nature offers. Ah ha!!… he was going to the very edge of the branches to eat the tip of the leaf that holds the stem to the leaf… amazing!

So, some of my recent doings include sweeping… I love entering sweepstakes! Yes, I have won many smaller gifts most of which were under $300 in value. I’m sure I’m not alone in my belief that I will snag a really valuable (large) prize…any day now!!

My stitching project making scarves for the ladies of the local emergency shelter is nearing the end of its season for 2010. I managed to get a some decent scarves made to donate… all of them done with durable Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I hope  to start the project earlier next year so I don’t feel as rushed.

It’s fun working on multiple projects at the same time. even when I feel the time constraints.  I agreed to donate 8×8″ squares to a lady who will assemble them as lapgans for seniors; then another group who is making blankets for babies using granny squares…it remains in progress. I love reading how others find a way to make a positive difference in others lives.

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