The last of the brilliant golden color maple leaves are falling off the large tree just outside our window. It’s a daily reminder that for everything there is a Season. I stood watching a squirrel risk life and limb as he ventured out to the edge of a thin branch…for what I wondered. I always place kind of nibble out there for them. This little guy was determined to get what Mother Nature offers. Ah ha!!… he was going to the very edge of the branches to eat the tip of the leaf that holds the stem to the leaf… amazing!

So, some of my recent doings include sweeping… I love entering sweepstakes! Yes, I have won many smaller gifts most of which were under $300 in value. I’m sure I’m not alone in my belief that I will snag a really valuable (large) prize…any day now!!

My stitching project making scarves for the ladies of the local emergency shelter is nearing the end of its season for 2010. I managed to get a some decent scarves made to donate… all of them done with durable Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I hope¬† to start the project earlier next year so I don’t feel as rushed.

It’s fun working on multiple projects at the same time. even when I feel the time constraints.¬† I agreed to donate 8×8″ squares to a lady who will assemble them as lapgans for seniors; then another group who is making blankets for babies using granny squares…it remains in progress. I love reading how others find a way to make a positive difference in others lives.

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