Happy New Year, 2022!!

Starting the New Year trying a new breakfast/brunch recipe for the Alexandria Casserole After watching Paula Deen videos on holiday meals I decided to try (my very first time making a breakfast casserole). I like the idea of a one pot dish and know how to adapt it. I made it my style: dairy-free, meat-freeContinue reading “Happy New Year, 2022!!”

Eggplant parmigiano, on the menu

A friend shared her homegrown eggplant. So, parmigiano is what was cooking in my kitchen this weekend. ¬†Italian tomato sauce 2, 16 oz. can of tomato puree 1.5 cup of water 2 T extra virgin olive oil 1/2 medium yellow onion, minced 1 large bayleaf Small bunch of fresh basil (reserve some to garnish finalContinue reading “Eggplant parmigiano, on the menu”

On the menu…

It’s cool & rainy today…perfect for this hearty pasta dish. I’ve made this same dish using Summer veggies like yellow squash & zucchini which is just as yum. Today, I used sausage. See, I really do eat meat! Garlic Pasta w/Sausage & veggies One large red onion, sliced 5 cloves of freshly minced garlic (weContinue reading “On the menu…”