Finding joy…

  in the little things of Summer… Cherries & Watermelon! 🙂 I used 1.5 lbs of mini sweet peppers …great flavor for my homemade Sofrito… minus cilantro. I collected the seeds….they sprout fast!. I have a few 2″ plants on my window sill *fingers crossed* Looking forward to that mini Watermelon…soon.

Summer deals…

  How many pairs did she buy!? Six…at $2.50 a pair…I got two Brown frames and 4 Black. I also bought a neat handbag for $7 and a few skeins of Christmas yarn, “Mistletoe.” Now my needles, WIP: newborn baby hats for Christmas. 🙂                      

Bursting with color!

I love the color Orange! These gorgeous blooming Tiger Lillies are everywhere this time of year! I was happy to find these huge and delicious Mangoes on sale this week (at ShopRite). I’ve added Mango to this simple Summer salad = WINNER!! Arugula 1/2 a diced Mango 1/2 diced Avocado Feta cheese Handful of choppedContinue reading “Bursting with color!”

Dance in the rain

My appreciation of flowers came from my mom’s passion for plants. She even named me after a flower, Dahlia. From very young, mom had her hands in our small garden. She wore those cutesy floral cotton garden gloves and enriched the soil with old coffee grounds and egg shells way before composting became popular. SheContinue reading “Dance in the rain”

Seeking cool

Wednesday in White Plains we have the Farmer’s Market & my first stop is to pick up Watermelon! One of my favorite spots in my city is the fountains at Renaissance Park And in the evening, as the sun sets, the fountains become the backdrop for an outdoor concert, “Dancing Under the Stars”. The lightsContinue reading “Seeking cool”